Prince Edward Island Sports Betting

In 2021, the Canadian government passed Bill C-218 and legalized single-game betting in Prince Edward Island. This event launched a new milestone in the development of Prince Edward Island sports betting. Although Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in the country, sports stakes are popular here. In addition to PEI sports betting, residents and guests of the island can wager on politics, horse racing and more. Further in this article, you will learn about Prince Edward Island online casinos, the rules of betting, its features and limitations.

Main Characteristics of PEI Sports Betting in Canada

For the most part, wagering regulations on the island are similar to those in other Canadian provinces, although there are some differences. In this section, we will briefly highlight the main things you need to know about PEI sports betting.

⚖️ Is It Legal to Bet on Sports in PEI?

PEI sports wagering is legal. The province has a regulator, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which oversees sports stakes.

🛡️ Is It Safe to Bet on Sports Online?

Yes, you can safely and legally place stakes on sports on those sites and bookmakers that are approved by the regulator Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

💸 Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Winnings When I Play at Prince Edward Island Betting Sites?

On Prince Edward Island, bettors do not have to pay tax on their winnings, the amount is credited to the players in full.

🏢 Do Any Retail Sportsbooks Operate in Prince Edward Island Sports Betting?

Proline Stadium is the only option where you can wager online and offline. Retail betting is prohibited in the province.

🌐 How Do Offshore Betting Sites Operate in Prince Edward Island?

Offshore sites must have a license in their jurisdiction to work in Prince Edward Island sports betting. PEI residents are allowed to legally place stakes on these platforms.

How to Calculate the Winnings from Prince Edward Island Sports Betting?

PEi sports betting calculating winnings Proline and Proline Stadium, which handle retail and online Prince Edward Island sports betting, use decimal odds by default for settlement. This method is very convenient and intuitive for bettors. Let’s take this example: you bet on a team that has odds of 1.45, and you place 100 CAD. If this team wins the match, you will receive a payout of 145 Canadian dollars. In this case, the profit will be equal to C$45.

The coefficient can also serve as a marker for identifying favorites and outsiders of PEI sports betting. Thus, the lowest coefficient will indicate the leader of the match, and the highest coefficient will point to teams that are potentially weaker.

Legal Requirements for PEI Sports Betting

PEI sports betting lawsFrom August 27, 2021, PEI bettors have the opportunity to place single wagers. This is a bet whose outcome depends on only 1 sporting event. Previously, Canadians could only place express stakes. This type of game involves predictions for several events in Prince Edward Island betting, where in order to win, all events in the accumulator must win.
Express wagers have a much higher coefficient, which can lead to big wins, but the probability of such a victory is several times lower. Such a lack of alternatives did not play into the hands of the bettors.
As for Prince Edward Island betting sites, online stakes on Proline Stadium are allowed not only for residents of Prince Edward Island but also for bettors from nearby provinces and territories: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. Tourists and non-residents can also place physical stakes at an Atlantic Lottery retailer.

Age Limit for PEI Sports Betting

You can wager on sports in the province of Prince Edward Island once you are 19 years old. Online platforms of PEI sports betting reserve the right to request documents from bettors for identification and age confirmation. As identification documents, you can provide a passport, driver’s license, utility bills, etc. Bettors under 19 years of age are not allowed to stake on Prince Edward Island sports betting sites.

Residentship in Province

In addition to age restrictions, Proline Stadium also sets requirements for the territory of residence that are under its jurisdiction. So, in order to place a bet, residents must confirm that they are located in one of the 4 Atlantic provinces: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador. When placing stakes online, Atlantic Lottery Corporation locates bettors using special software, providing islanders with access to PEI sports betting.

Sports to Wager on in the Province

PEI sports betting optionsPrince Edward Island does not have any major professional sports teams from North American leagues such as the NHL, NBA, Major League Baseball or NFL. However, some local and regional sporting events play an important role in PEI sports betting:

  • Hockey. League: Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) is the island’s main junior hockey team. QMJHL games are often available for stakes, especially at regional and online sportsbooks.
  • Basketball. League: Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACAA). The Holland College team competes in a variety of sports, including basketball. Wagers can be placed at Prince Edward Island sports betting sites.
  • Football. League: New Brunswick Premier Soccer League (NBPSL). PEI FC is one of the region’s premier soccer teams, competing in the NBPSL.
  • Baseball. League: New Brunswick Senior Baseball League (NBSBL). The Charlottetown Islanders baseball team plays in the region’s premier amateur baseball league.

2022 QMJHL Finalist: Charlottetown Islanders

Charlottetown Islanders logoThe Charlottetown Islanders are the real stars of PEI sports betting. Many residents of Prince Edward Island place stakes on this club at online casinos in Charlottetown and other sites. The youth hockey team reached the finals of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) in 2022, losing the championship to the Shawinigan Cataractes.

The club was originally based in Montreal and was called the Montreal Rocket. In 2003, the team moved to the island and, in 2013, was renamed to the Charlottetown Islanders. The relocation of the team increased player interest in Prince Edward Island sports betting.

PEI Betting Is Not Only About Sports

PEI sports betting alternativesIn the province of Prince Edward Island, you can bet not only on sports but also on other areas and events. This could be horse racing, politics, the results of cinema and music festivals, eSports. Wagers can be placed both offline and in online casinos in Summerside or other Prince Edward Island betting sites.

  • Horse racing. A player is allowed to stake on the favourite, pair, top three, and finish. Prince Edward Island is home to the PEI Colt Stakes and Gold Cup & Saucer, the biggest events for Canadians.
  • Awards. In this case, a player will have a chance to win by guessing the winner in various categories at awards such as the Grammy Awards, Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar film festivals, etc. Wagers on such events are also popular on PEI sports betting.
  • Politics. On the official resource of the province, Proline Stadium, a player can only wager on non-Canadian politics. To place stakes on Canadian politics, you need to use offshore resources.
  • eSports. There are no restrictions for bettors to predict any outcome of eSports on Proline Stadium or other offshore bookmakers. Bettors can wager on competitions in Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch and others.

Chronology of Development on Prince Edward Island Sports Betting Sites and Casinos

Below are the main stages in the development of Prince Edward Island online gambling, starting in 2004:

  • 2004: The first online lottery platform, PlaySphere, was launched in North America. The service allows residents of Prince Edward Island to place bets on sports. This company later became the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.
  • 2020: Conservative Party MP Kevin Waugh submits draft law C-218 to the government for consideration, which will subsequently be adopted. This marked the beginning of changes in PEI sports betting.
  • June 2021: The House of Commons supports Kevin Waugh’s bill, and the Senate approves it by a majority vote on the third reading. Later, on June 29, the Chief Justice of Canada, Richard Wagner, approved Bill C-218. From now on, stakes in a single event are allowed throughout the country.
  • August 2021: Federal ban on single-game stakes ends in Canada. The Government of Prince Edward Island authorizes the Atlantic Lottery Corporation to accept and regulate single-event PEI sports betting through Proline Stadium. Proline bettors can now place stakes on a single event from anywhere in Atlantic Canada: Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PEI Sports Betting

After 2021, the sports stakes market in Prince Edward Island has taken a step forward and received the necessary changes for the better. However, it also has certain shortcomings that should be worked on in the future.

Pros Cons
✔️ Legal sports wagering regulated by government agencies ❌ Regional restrictions on rates for PEI residents
✔️ Possibility to place single-game stakes ❌ Lack of retail bookmakers on the island
✔️ Winnings from Prince Edward Island sports betting are not taxed ❌ Atlantic Lottery — monopolist of the local sports stakes industry, which does not imply a competitive market
✔️ Residents are allowed to place online stakes from any location in Atlantic Canada
✔️ The ability to place bets both offline and online from various devices
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